Pre K/ Creative Movement












Hip Hop





For children ages 2-3 based on a fun, well organized atmoshpere.  They learn many different skills to help their physical development and coordination but the primary goal is to teach them to focus using age appropriate songs by bringing out their natural movement.  This class consists of an uplifting blend of songs and dances.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.  It requires concentration and repetitive study and demands a high level of self discipline.  This class will help students develop poise, grace, and coordination.


This is a modern interpretation of ballet.  It uses todays contemporary music.  This class will have a wide variety of movement helping to develop a dancers personality through movement.


With emphasis on rhythm, coordination, speed, and sound, students learn to listen and react.  They learn to keep counts and tempo of the music.


Class teaches todays current moves.  Its made to be fun and up beat, a no technique involved type of class.  Todays music is used and I have both non-recital and recital classes. 



This class is telling a story with emotion through movement.  It is a mix of Jazz and Ballet.







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